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Thursday, July 07, 2005

We are all Londoners today.

There is tentative word that an al'Qaida cell has claimed responsibility: link.

If this is correct, George W. Bush deserves some of the blame for this. If we had put our all into eviscerating al'Qaida after 9/11, we would not have seen this. Instead, Bush drew down US forces in Afghanistan six months after 9/11, in preparation for the Fool's Errand, this imperialist war on Iraq.

My husband wept today. I just got angry. My only netfriend in London seems to be fine. So now I'm left with a great deal of anger. My stomach is churning with bile. Al'Zawahri, the second-in-command of al'Qaida, sent a video message within 3 weeks of this incident, and there is a clear pattern between Al'Zawahri messages and al'Qaida attacks.

This is partially your fault, George. Thanks a lot.