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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's not time to break out the Beck's yet, but it looks like Ah-nold is very, very vulnerable now.

Check out this Daily KOS diary. The Field Poll is out and it shows both of the "dwarves" who have announced their candidacy in 2006 against the Governator have narrow leads if the election was held today. Not only self-described liberals, but the moderates who jumped aboard the Schwarzenegger bandwagon in 2003 are jumping off in droves.

However, the bad news is that, while all except dyed-in-the-wool GW Bush acolytes (I can't bring myself to call them conservative) are inclined to give Herr Gropenfuhrer the royal shove, there is no real enthusiasm for any of the candidates. 2004 should be cause to cure anyone of "even a ham sandwich could beat him" cockiness. While it is clear that now a Schwartzwalder Ham sandwich could beat Schwarzenegger in a theoretical race, Phil Angelides could only muster a 37% "inclined to vote for" rating among registered Dems, Steve Westly only 27%, and the unannounced celeb candidates Rob Reiner and Warren Beatty could only pull a 33% and a 24% respectively.

Both Angelides and Westly need to burnish their images with the Dem Base here in California to get people to actually vote for them rather than merely vote against Schwarzenegger. And I have to say, Rob Reiner and Warren Beatty would be more helpful staying out of the fracas than in. Rob, Warren: campaign like crazy for either Angelides or Westly. I'm leaning to Angelides as the best choice as his progressive bonafides are better, and he's also more well known than Westly.

Here's another take on the news, this time from LA's own NBC 4. There's a poll there. Have at it.