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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

George W. Bush is currently speechifying and I am avoiding it like the plague...oh good, I missed it. :-)

People seem to be seeing through the lines (and the lies!) though.

He's still fobbing off the same lie about a connection between Osama bin Laden and Iraq. Well, actually now there's an alQaeda presence in Iraq. I'm sure y'all know who that guy Zarqawi is. He wasn't in Iraq until after Saddam and his cronies were driven underground. Basically the Iraq War allowed alQaeda to gain a toe-hold in Iraq and a better place to train foreign fighters to cause more mischief both there and potentially here in the US too.

My big concern is the same as Gen. Schwartzkopf's back during the Gulf War: a radicalized Iran taking Iraq over as a client state ala Syria taking over Lebanon for something like 30 years. The new Prime Minister of Iran is a hardliner who would like to see a Greater Iran which has Shia Islam as not only the official religion but as the supreme law of the land. They are going ahead with the nuke plant there, with even more gusto than ever because it enrages and terrifies both of their "Great Satans": the US and Israel.

Fun times ahead, folks...