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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

OK, now it's *really* official. All of my grades are now posted on my "unofficial transcript" on the LA Community College District website. The only thing now needed is a mention on this "transcript" (apparently it's only an "official" transcript if it's in a sealed envelope sent from LACCD) of my AA in Liberal Arts.

I just sent Sylvia from Woodbury Connection a copy of the transcript which reflects my last three grades. Hopefully I'll know what I need to do between now and August vis a vis Woodbury.

I'm going to start a scrapbook with all the stuff related to both the Commencement and the three times I was honored at the Dean's Reception. Yeah, scrapbooking is such a Red State thing to do, but I want to bring everything from these honors together in one place. I have a right to brag about what I've accomplished. This is a creative way to do it.