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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wherever I may roam, LAVC will always be home...

Yes, Commencement was yesterday, which is why other than fixing a post I was absent from here. Aside from the mad mob scene aspects of the event, which had Aunt Karen, (she who gave me my iBook) Cousin Wendie and I running around looking for Richie and our mutual friend Marc, it was as perfect of a day as humanly possible.

Only one of my Profs actually showed at the event, but she was the one most important to me throughout my two years back at Valley: Dr. Rosow. She looked positively resplendent in her USC Doctoral regalia, and was genuinely happy to see me. I hope to keep in contact with her. She and Richie have been the two people who have been the most encouraging to me about "hanging in there" with my studies even when I felt discouraged.

I will have a web page up with my photos soon. I took digital photos while participating in the ceremonies, and I think I'll have a few that are representative of my experiences. They should be on the space I set up to guide invited guests to where the ceremony was to be held.

Hopefully I'll pass all my classes and this will not have been a sham. I know grades on two out of three courses accounting for 70% of my grade points:

English 103: A
Bio 3: A

Now all that remains is Math 114. ^_^;; (sweating Anime smiley)