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Thursday, June 02, 2005

No, I doubt if I will ever truly like math. I'm just done with it this semester. The next time I will have to deal with taking a math test will be at Woodbury University during the SOAR's sort of an orientation process and you have to take placement tests as part of it. I don't have to take an English test because I already have had College Reading and Composition. But I have to take the rest of the tests. Bleah.

I am hoping I did just good enough to pass. I got a couple of 80 scores during the course of the semester but this is not one of them. I wish they could just figure my grade using the four successfully-taken tests during the course of the semester because I know I had a pass there.

Then again, as I have mentioned three times previously, I only need a 55 or so on the test to pass. That's a flunk normally.

Math is taught so poorly in the place where you really can "make or break" a student, which is Elementary School. What actually is taught in Elementary School is mostly Arithmetic, but there is more and more true Mathematics taught there now which wasn't taught when I was in school. I have found that my real problems were never with Mathematics, but actually with Arithmetic. Once I got a chance to actually taste what Mathematics really is all about in the two parts of Beginning Algebra, I realized that even though it's never going to be a favorite subject it's doable.

This is probably going to be the last time I blog from LAVC. I started getting into keeping a personal blog over at Slashdot, using their user journals, and the blog was well on its way when I made the decision to go back to school. So yeah, I guess you can say I'm at the mid-point now. Hopefully I can finish my BA at Woodbury in two more years. Then will come the decision about where to go from there.

One annoying thing...I've been sick all this week. Maybe if I hadn't been I might have done a better job in preparing for this test. The last test I need to deal with is on Monday, when I take the final in Biology 3. It's not a comprehensive final. It's just one last test on a section of the class, this time about Ecology. I think I can handle that. Then Tuesday is Commencement.

One last little thing: today I picked up a little flyer on my way from the Math/Science building to here in the LAIR. It's a flyer urging students to get involved in the LA Valley Star newspaper in Fall. Since I was originally a Journalism student here, way back in Fall 1980, picking that flyer up kind of completes the circle of my time here.

No matter where I go, this is probably the place I will think of as Alma Mater.