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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Welcome to another thrilling edition of Geekback: Revenge Of The In_Sith_nificant.

Oh well, I didn't get a chance to see Episode III, but I'm finally seeing the Clone Wars shorts that I didn't see yet. Thank you very much, Peter Guerin. I got the tape.

Thurl Ravenscroft, the man who put Grrrreat! into the public vocabulary, has died at the age of 91. I was just mentioning to an LJ friend how it seems like all the folks from the golden age of Disney/Fleischer/WB animation are dead now. Sigh.

The mini-Dariacon was fun...CE Forman is a sweet guy, and he's also really, really bright. We basically hung out and watched Daria episodes that Kara had Tivo'd. Unfortunately we watched the only two Daria episodes that freakin' Noggin had the taste to leave alone..."Ill" had one cut in it, and apparently a lot of the episodes which were in the original rotation of episodes airing on Noggin's "The N" are still airing in mutilated form. So much for my hope that the late-night Daria showings would mean they'd get new, uncensored versions from the MTV Networks vault and start airing those. :P

The end of Spring 2005 semester is sneaking up on me. Tomorrow's the last day of regular classes for me. I will finally find out how I did on the last Math 114 test tomorrow, and we will be going to Sepulveda Dam Basin for a nature hike for the last Bio 3 class. I may have to leave that early to get to Valley in time to attend the last English 103 class.

I might actually complain about Prof. Roth and how he conducted Eng 103. Really, there was nothing about "Critical Thinking" in the class, which is supposed to be about "English Composition And Critical Thinking." The class was all about absorbing what Prof. Roth thought of a few texts and regurgitating his point-of-view in brain-dead True/False exams. We did exactly one paper that could qualify as "English Composition And Critical Thinking" and that was that. I am also still not happy about how shamelessly he promoted his colleague's chapbooks at the expense of reading really meaty poetry and essays. I still have to do 6 analyses of poems and 5 analyses of essays, all from one guy: Prof. William Wallis, who is a Los Angeles Valley College Professor in the English Department. I find his work insipid and uninspiring. :P This is going to be a pain in my ass. But I have to do it. At least it's not too big of a chunk of my grade.

One thing I won't complain about...Prof. Roth is a Vietnam Vet, and he often has very barbed things to say about Bush and the Iraq War. I happen to agree with him. The paper I did for the class was on the parallels between the current administration and Nazi Germany. I don't think that's showing bias: I think he's trying to wake some apathetic youth up, and I applaud him for it. David Horowitz the rightwing nut job can kiss my ass. However I don't know what happened to David Horowitz the crusading consumer reporter. Oh well. I miss his old show with all the commercial challenges...very entertaining.