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Friday, May 20, 2005

He a lie, he a lie, he a lie...

Here I am, watching Judge Mathis, thinking how this whole filibuster mess would be easily solved if he was presiding over it. Of course, my sympathies lie with preventing these scary people from getting on the bench. Of course my sympathies lie with preserving one of the last remaining checks on total majority power in the Senate. But there's enough bad behavior to go around, and I can't help but think that Judge Mathis with his no bullshit approach would get to the heart of the matter and solve things.

I found out about the Bio 3 test...I'm still doing pretty good, with a 87% grade on the last test, an A, and a 94% cumulative score in the class. All that extra credit work has kept my grade up, and it's quite likely that the final exam, which is not going to be a cumulative but only covers the stuff about ecosystems we're studying now, will go similarly well. And this is a 4 credit course, meaning it will be more strongly weighted in figuring out my GPA for this semester.

Since I don't have classes on Fridays, Thursday Night is the beginning of my weekend, so I got a rare chance to see Saccharine Trust at Spaceland last night. They really are one of the best live bands in Los Angeles, and I would think so even if my husband wasn't in the band. One incongruity: usually ST are the most "outside" band on a given bill. Last night, the rest of the bill was fairly experimental so ST sounded downright "pop" by comparison. I wish I could attend more gigs, but I will probably be pulling down 12-unit course loads at Woodbury so pleasures like these are going to remain on the rare side for the foreseeable future. Sigh...