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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Apparently this Uninterruptable Power Supply I'm supposed to be plugged into isn't, because I just lost a post to a power failure. Great. One more thing to worry about. :P

I had a great time at a luncheon honoring those LA Valley College students who are transfering to 4 year Universities. I got a spiffy certificate, a good meal, and a fair amount of ego boostage.

Anyway, I had a lot more typed but it got lost. Thank Goddess for Ext3 because if this had occured on an Ext2 system I would have lost files. Bleah.

Note 5/12/2005, 9:35AM: I had my computer plugged into the wrong power strip. I have one that's plugged into my UPS and one that isn't, and I had apparently forgotten that I set up this arrangement a while back. Now I'm on the right power strip and the next time we have a power "oops" I should be well-protected. Chalk it up to an ID=10T error. Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. :P