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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

WiFi in LA: looks like it's going to be a going concern...the Mayor's Office has just released a report (warning: PDF) which suggests further development of WiFi all over this city of ours.

In three years, the commission hopes to have blanket coverage of the city with an "ubiquitous" network. Currently the City has WiFi access in some of its Public Libraries, and in small testing zones in places like the Marvin Braude (Van Nuys) Constituent Service Center and in Pershing Square downtown.

From the report, it looks like they have their sights set on something like what Tempe, Arizona is in the process of rolling out. Quite ambitious. Hopefully SBC and Verizon won't strangle it in its crib like they have in 13 out of 50 states so far.

Here's a link to an interesting article on C|Net, which talks about municipal broadband projects throughout the US. No mention of LA's efforts, unfortunately.