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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Oh Jesus H Christ on a Lamppost, man...just when things were looking good, what with the GOP backing down on covering DeLay's raggedy ass, this goes and happens.

Crappy bill. Crappy vote. This bill, the "Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act," will make it illegal for a person to transport a girl from a state that has an abortion squeal rule to a state that does not.

It's not over yet...this is about to hit the Senate. I have a fair amount of confidence that Boxer and Feinstein will vote against this lawn cigar of a bill, just as Berman voted against it in the house. (Thank you, esteemed Congressman from RIAA/'re really redeeming yourself this session.) But the Dems are still the minority party in both houses.

And guess what? If there is a special election called this year for Ah-nold's questionable wish list, there's going to be another little surprise on the ballot. Yet another attempt to reinstate the California version of the abortion squeal rule.

This is bad, folks. Time for the pro-choice majority to step forward.