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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Capped and gowned and ready for June 7th...

Woman graduating with a music degree from UPenn, 1894.

OK, that isn't me but I thought that was a way cool photo. The robe I have to wear is pretty damn cheesy, but what did I honestly expect for $30? It's prolly something I wouldn't wear again, not even around Halloween, unless Woodbury also used black robes for its graduating students. Or wherever else I go. If I could wear the same robe every time I graduate, not just to save money but for the symbolism of it going on the educational journey with me, that would be cool.

I gotta get a pair of scrubs to wear under it too. Jeans and T-Shirt is a bit bulky to wear under it, but scrubs would be just right. There's someone at the Swap Meet who makes scrubs custom...I'd like to get a pair in green with a yellow collar...LAVC's colors are green and gold, and Woodbury's colors are green and white.

The next thing on my agenda is going to have to be putting up a website for the benefit of my family and friends to give directions and a reminder as to the when and where. I don't want to mess with mail...sending out invites is traditional and they were pimping engraved commencement invites at the same table where I filled everything out for my robe order, but it's a pain in the ass. They were also pimping class the LAVC bookstore deluded or what? Once you pay for several year's worth of books, you're going to be so damn tapped out that you can barely afford the mandatory cap and gown, let alone a class ring.

Anyway, it's on. Regardless of whether I technically graduate with the Class of 2005 or not, I have my cap and gown, I will take the freakin' walk, and hopefully I'll get a bit of closure. Of course, whether it's a sham or not depends on whether or not I pass Math 114. Grrrrr...