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Friday, April 15, 2005

The Debt Peonage bill is on its way to George W. Bush's desk, thanks to some spineless, thoroughly 0wn3d Dems and, of course, the GOP.

Want to find out how your representative voted? Here you go.

73 Dems voted for this stinking piece of crap! I am personally surprised that Howard "I never met an RIAA or MPAA signatory I didn't like" Berman voted against it. He's my Congresscritter, you know. I guess when commercial banks are way down the list of your contributors and you don't get jack from the consumer credit industry, you are free to vote your conscience rather than your campaign contributions.

Of course, when the RIAA/MPAA and other factions of Big Media arrive with another "stick it to the music/movie consumer" bill, Berman will be right there sponsoring the bill. But until then, thanks for voting for the little guy this time, Howard.