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Friday, April 08, 2005

You absolutely, positively, have to read this. It looks like it finally got too weird for Hunter S. Thompson. And Jeff Gannon aka Jeff Guckert might be right in the middle of it.

If this is true, it's a big disappointment for me, because HST was a hero to me back in my Journalism major days at LAVC and West LA College. Actually disappointment is an understatement.

(Warning: this link might not be a permalink. I will be looking for a permalink to the info.)

Update 10:09... Permalink to about half of the story. Use the top link to get the rest of it for now.

Update 10:33...It gets Michael Jackson and the deaths of Kurt Cobain, Elliot Smith and Gary Webb are being drawn into a very bizarre picture which also involves Thompson and perhaps Gannon/Guckert. We are definitely through the looking glass now. This might be very wrong and just conspiracy theory gobbledygook, or there could be something to this. Uh oh...