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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Holy cow! San Fran gave Ah-nuld a reception he won't forget!!! W00t!

Now who's the Girly Man, huh??? Certainly not the cops and firefighters and teachers and nurses who gave you well deserved what-for!!!!

Seriously, the iron is red hot, it's time for someone to get out the mallet. I don't know if Angelides or Lockyear have The Right Stuff to do it, but since it really looks like my dream of Barbara Boxer taking out The Terminator is not going to happen then one of these guys better get ready to take him on. I mean, really...he's not THAT intimidating...

before and after...he's not so tough now!

Anyway, here's some coverage of tonight's proceedings. Too bad LA media didn't jump on this...I had to consult the blogosphere to find out about this event being so huge.

New York Times/AP



An update at 8:32AM: The stupid KTLA Morning News had information on this event. I haven't checked the other shows but I kind of suspect Fox Channel 11 would not have anything, and the rest of the news shows are not local but national and would probably not be likely to care about this story. The Daily News and the Los Angeles Times are quite silent as well.

Is the entire Mainstream Media beholden to the fricking GOVERNATOR????? Holy Mother of Goddess what is going on here???????

If this continues, we'll have four more years of Ah-nold's stealth campaign for the Chamber Of Commerce Right. At least the fscker isn't carrying water for the Theocrats, but it's almost the same diff because there is a fair amount of overlap between their agendas. Left-wing media my ass.