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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wow, Wednesday already. I've been running around all day, including SFVLUG's first meeting at the Van Nuys Constituent Service Center. And yeah, alas, it looks like the last meeting there too. The secretary there said that there were no Community Rooms open for the forseeable future. Great.

Oh yeah, we don't have the Denny's at the Van Nuys Airport to meet at either. The last meeting there was the scene of a big blow-up...the manager there is on a total power trip (rhymes with rich) and she basically kicked us out. Well, I wasn't there because Richie had a gig, and actually I'm glad I wasn't there because the scene would probably have been much uglier with me there to go toe to toe with the harpie.

So yeah, now basically the LUG is back at nearly square one, with a need to find a new place to meet. We aren't 100% down yet, but we're going to need to do some major rebuilding. It's weird to find myself at the nucleus of this group, considering that I used to be kind of on the outside looking in, but yeah, that's where I am. The Valley needs a LUG. Valley people need Linux. They just don't know it yet. ^_^

Oh yeah, another weird thing: AirAmerica Radio is back on the air in Los Angeles. Not just XM and Sirius, a real broadcast station. As I have mentioned in this blog before, I had hoped they'd get an FM affiliate here because AM is dying, and a lot of the little "personal radio" devices and MP3 devices with radio only have FM tuners. But no, we've got KTLK 1150 AM, owned by, of all people, CLEAR CHANNEL. I don't know whether to jump for joy or to groan. I'd rather get my AirAmerica from the WLIB NYC feed online at the website (yay for RealAudio for Linux) but it's good that they're back on the air here.