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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The orphan brood has been increased by another foundling. I had to get rid of my PowerBook Wallstreet last year, but now I have a new addition: a clamshell iBook. It used to belong to my aunt Karen. However, it's going to need some serious upgrading. Right now it is running Mac OS X 10.2 and only has 160MB of RAM and a 6GB hard drive. What it needs is a 30GB hard drive, which I have, plus a 512MB DIMM to replace the 128MB one currently inside. It also needs at least Panther if not Tiger. It can also use a new battery.

I can't afford this. I really can't afford this. However, it is looking pretty unlikely that I will be celebrating my graduation with a new Mac mini, so maybe I can convince some family members to give this machine a boost. I think I want to run MacOS X on this machine and also Trent (my Blue and White G3 tower) too. I can run this machine as a wireless access point if I stick with MacOS X. This machine has an AirPort card in it! Those are hard to get now.

Anyway...I'm glad it's here and I'm glad my aunt gave it to me. Great machine. A true classic. W00t.