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Saturday, April 02, 2005

No foolin' mail really is down, as is most of my web space.

Apparently the main hard drive on the web server that hosts my web space ( and email ( as well as my husband's site ( aliased to had to be replaced, and the job is taking longer and is hairier than my hosts at believed it would be.

As a result, you will see "broken file" icons replacing some of the graphics on my blog here, the vast majority of which is hosted by Google/Blogger/Blogspot. Oh well, such is life.

To VizaWeb's credit, they have been 100% candid about what has been going on. I have received two "progress report" emails and a link to a static site which is updated on a regular basis with the progress of the repair. I didn't get this kind of transparency from my old host, HostingMatters. When HM would be down, you'd have to chase the information down on their status server and perhaps even on outside sites that deal with consumer reports for hosting companies.

Although this outage indeed annoys, at least I'm not being given the Mushroom Treatment by VizaWeb. So long as they remain this open and transparent, I will continue to recommend them.

Note: service was completely restored at about 5pm.