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Thursday, April 07, 2005

It was all going along so well...then WHAM!

Today is the day that I got my President's List Honor at LA Valley College. I got to march across the stage and get a little gold-and-green enamel pin from LAVC President Tyree Wieder...a dress rehearsal for Commencement 2005 on June 7th.

However, Richie couldn't make it, because our car had a little rendezvous with a speeding car driven by a woman with no insurance and no driver's license. Swell. The driver's side front wheel is basically folded down at an unnatural angle under the car, and the front end has been moved about 6 inches to the right.

The car is probably totaled. Richie's going to see if a local body shop will tow it over to the shop for an estimate.

It might be a blessing in disguise...I wasn't sure if the car would be smoggable this time. Now it's not only unsmoggable, it's undrivable. [sigh]