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Monday, May 02, 2005

Blogging live from Gayle's Perks in Northridge. There's supposed to be an SFVLUG meeting here tonight, and a few of us are here. Brian hasn't arrived yet, though. The place has the general feel of someone's living room...if someone's living room has a kick-a$$ espresso machine.

I found out that I got 80/100 on my last Math 114 test. Nice. I had kept a vain hope that I did really really good on the test, like in the 90s good, but I'll take 80/100.

The meeting has started. We've got lots of people here, and there are some interesting implications for the future.

I think I want to wrap this up so I can participate better.

Oh yeah, one last thing...I got my replacement ID in the mail today. No more having to take the passport with me unnecessarily. Whew!