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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Not much has been accomplished today. Richie had a gig last night so we got in around 1am. The older I get, the less tolerant my body gets of changes in routine. I can't stay up late one night and wake up late the next morning and not feel sleepy and lethargic all fucking day long. I hate this.

I finally replaced my wallet yesterday. I lost mine exactly one week ago and am in the process of getting my cards replaced. As a temporary measure this past week, I have been using an elaborate badgeholder thing I got at one Spring Internet World or another. It's nice, but it's not really a wallet. I might take it with me to Comic-Con this time, would be quite helpful.

In a typical Ms. Geek fangirl touch, the wallet's got the PowerPuff Girls embroidered on it. I'm still a fan of the show, sue me. However, the wallet is so nicely designed I'd probably grab one if it didn't have some favorite cartoon characters embroidered on it. Adding one of those plastic photo insert thingies and a credit card case that fits inside one of the compartments of the wallet quite nicely turned it from just nice to damn near perfect.

Most importantly, the wallet has a "leash" on it. I think it's designed to be a mini-purse for a little girl, actually, but the shoulder strap becomes a "leash" when you disconnect one side from one of the d-rings on either side. It's now securely attached to the purse, so it can't go far. A biker wallet wouldn't even work as well...those are designed to be attached to a belt, not a D-ring on your purse. This way, hopefully, I'll not lose my wallet again. Then again, the hassle factor surrounding the loss of the wallet was enough to make me hyper-vigilant on that score.

Washington Mutual replaced my Visa Check Card in land-speed-record pace, beating all my other creditors. The replacement got into my hot little hands last Wednesday, which suggests the card was in the mail by Monday or Tuesday of last week. According to ChooseTheBlue.Com they are pinkish, with 53% of donations going to the Repugnicans and 47% to Dems. But most banks on their bank list are fairly red-shifted. Of all the recognizable names only World Savings Bank is a Blue bank, and they simply don't have the number of branches WaMu does. I think I'm going to stick with them at this point. Good work, WaMu.