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Monday, May 09, 2005

OK, we finally had the test on Death of a Salesman, and it seems that perhaps my complaints on the last two tests had been taken to heart by Dr. Roth. The questions asked this time were pretty much 95%-97% fact-based as opposed to being based on Dr. Roth's opinions on the text. Hence, I am expecting a higher score on this test.

I'm pretty much on track to receive an A in Bio 3. According to Prof. Huang, the next test and the final are on less difficult material than the tests that contained chemical, genetics or taxonomic material. However, there was something rather disturbing about today's class, which included watching a video about pollution and overpopulation that seems to have been produced by the George W. Bush administration. "Some pessimists believe we are on the road to ecological disaster. But there are optimists who believe that we have the intellectual and human resources necessary to find new solutions to our current difficulties." With apologies to John Stossel, give me a freakin' break. Who supplied Valley College with such a biased and obviously agenda-ridden film to show? Monsanto? ADM? ExxonMobil? I have no idea. But it stinks to high heaven.

As far as Math 114 goes...well, I knocked the 70% score out with the 80% I got last test. So basically I have two more tests to go, a regular test and a comprehensive final. This next test will be about the Quadratic Formula. Just one formula, but you know just how hard it is for me to memorize formulas. I am hoping that Prof. Carthew takes my advice and prints the formula at the top of the test page. However, I doubt it. I just have to hang on and do the work and keep cranking out at least passing scores on this test and the final. Because really, even with the uncertainties about English 103, I don't think I'm going to get lower than a B there. I know I can write and write well. By taking as many extra credit things as possible in Bio 3, I think I can keep an A there. Only Math 114 stands in the way of graduating. I just have to keep hanging on for another month, keep handing in passing work, and I graduate.

It looks like we'll have the money to upgrade the iBook and then some. We've lucked into something unexpectedly good, so I'm feeling a bit more confident. Rock. Everything else should go this smoothly. ;-)