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Friday, May 13, 2005

I know that banner ads, particularly animated banner ads, are pretty damn lame. However, I put this banner up on the top of my site for a reason. The Downing Street Memo is the "smoking gun" that confirms that President George W. Bush wanted to go to war by hook or by crook and nothing was going to get in the way, not even the truth.

Some have said that this is the Stained Blue Dress that can bring Dubya down. It's going to take winning back the House and the Senate next year to do it, and it's going to take a landslide at that. But the more people who read this, the more who might be swayed to bring the Democrats back into majority status in Congress, then elect a Democrat to the White House to clean up the mess 8 years of Dubya has wrought.

And remember, those of you who are Christian, the Book of Revelation specifically states that whosoever loveth and maketh a lie will be kept outside the New Jerusalem (probably in the Lake of Fire) after the Great White Throne Judgment. That seems to describe this administration perfectly. And need I also remind you that the FDA under the George W. Bush administration approved human implantation of the VeriChip...this is the device that in the Christian fiction series "Left Behind" is used by the Antichrist as the Mark of the Beast.

Spread the word about the site. Put the banner up if you wish. I am pulling it from my own webspace. Share and enjoy. And kudos to Georgia10 for doing this. You rock.