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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Blogging again from the suburban splendor of Woodbury University. I really love using this iBook with wireless. It's what this little machine was made for, I think.

It's supposed to get hot today. Hella-hot. Volcano planet hot. Yes, I really do have the new Star Wars movie on my mind. Maybe I should take that in later today. I don't think Richie has any interest in seeing it, but all of a sudden I do. Jar Jar gets zero dialogue, Obi-Wan and Anakin have their epic lightsabre fight on a planet seething with lava, and Palpatine takes over. Sounds like just the kind of mindless fun I need today. I have a day's bus pass and I shouldn't let it go to waste.

Woodbury Connections is having a reception for incoming transfer students this afternoon. I'm here way early for it, the better to take advantage of the wireless bandwidth, and to make sure I'm not late. The bus that goes from Pacoima to Woodbury (well, it goes Downtown via Sunland Blvd.) only runs two times an hour, and in a situation like that you need to make allowances for broken-down buses and delays.

LA Metro buses bite. Bus travel needn't be as uncivilized and as screwed up as it is here. Portland, OR was wonderful in that respect...lots of buses running 24/7, no tagging, no whizz or barf to assail your nostrils. Clean and reliable. Same with Santa Barbara, only the buses don't run as frequently. The Santa Monica Blue Bus is also nice, and is world-renowned thanks to the late, great Jim Morrison. In LA proper, it's generally accepted that only lowlife scum ride the bus, and if you are anybody you'd have a car. That needs to change.

Metro seems to have the right idea with the subway and the light rail don't see tagging and so on there. In fact, a few commissioned graffiti art pieces on the trains might be a lovely bit of public art for Metro to consider. They need only look at the "gallery" out in back of Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park to find candidates for such art. Anyway, I digress. What I mean is that the subway and the Blue and Gold light rail lines are well-maintained and you don't feel like you need a hour-long shower after you've ridden on them. You do feel that way after taking a Metro bus.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get a ride to Fry's Burbank after this. It would be quite easy to get home from there...or at least easier than taking the freakin' 92 and catching the second bus I need to get home in Pacoima. However, I had better be careful about not going in there and getting dangerous with the Fry's card. Maybe I shouldn't have asked for a replacement for that particular piece of plastic. Sigh...

Note at 2:19pm: Sylvia from Woodbury Connection gave me a ride home...that was so sweet of her. Saved me from perilous temptation at Fry's, and I didn't have to wait for a single bus! Too cool.