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Friday, June 03, 2005


This had to happen the day I got the news that my modded iBook is on the way home to me...C|Net is reporting that Apple may be transitioning to Intel chips. Bye bye G5, hello...what? Itanic?

Is Steve nuts??? The logical move forward for Apple is not away from IBM but closer to IBM. Actually, closer to the STI Group: Sony, Toshiba and IBM, the people who are currenly brewing up the Cell Processor for the Playstation 3. A tweaked Cell would be just the ticket for G6. And they probably wouldn't have to do anything funky to the code either. Cell probably uses the same instruction set as Power does, which is the same one (with minor differences) as PowerPC. IANACG (I Am Not A Chip Geek) so instead of taking my word for it, read this multi-part article done by someone who is one.

Something stinks about this rumor. And that's just what I think it is, a rumor. I suppose we'll find out the truth come Monday when The Steve addresses the Apple World Wide Developers' Conference in San Francisco. My buddy Chad seems to think this is a smokescreen to distract the Mac rumor sites and that the announcement he will make will be even more of a shocker than Apple sourcing chips from Intel. Stay tuned and hang on tight, folks.