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Thursday, June 09, 2005

From the "Blood from a turnip" department...

One last annoyance from Commencement: the company that took pictures at Commencement sent me proofs yesterday and a link to their website. When I got there, I was mortified at just how much they wanted for them: I could blow over $100 on a single package! And extras were, of course, extra.

Well fsck you and the Caddy you rode in on, Jack.

I suspect the portrait studio in the local mall charges way less than these guys do. I'm going to check it out just for grins. It will mean donning the cap and gown again for the purpose but that's ok. I'd like to be able to send out thank you cards featuring my ugly mug in the ugly cap and the ugly gown but don't want to pay $30 for the privelege of receiving only 12 of them.

The nerve of some people. What do they think we are, Woodbury MBA students??? ;-)

From the ridiculous to the sublime: Navi's back. It is so kewl to see 544MB of RAM showing in the "About This Mac" box, and 30GB (28GB free) in Apple System Profiler. I was expecting it today but getting it early in spite of the addressing problems was a pleasant surprise. The 10.3.9 update took, so now it's 100% up to date for a Panther system. I've got to install MS Orifice v.X today, and grab a few other stuffs like Snak for IRC and a graphical FTP/SFTP/SSH/SCP client of some sort.

Oh yeah: Firefox seems to be 1000% faster than Safari on my particular system. Wonder why Safari's so slow? I mean Konqueror is faster than Firefox under Linux, and basically Safari is Apple's tweaked version of Konqui.