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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Anyone remember a novelty book called "101 Uses For A Dead Cat"? Yeah, it was cruel and awful and all but it was memorable at least. Perhaps I should write "101 Uses For A Dead Palm" now. Because stick a fork in it, my Palm 125 is done. Toasted. Dead. Say bye bye.

The digitizer is fux0r3d. I can't get to the desktop, I can't do anything. I waited way too long to sync it because I dreaded the whole process. The batteries ran down. I lost my data when I switched batteries, and then the data that was synced to the computer was unable to be restored. Now it's toast.

At least I should take comfort in something: there's a class-action lawsuit against Palm on about this very issue. And paper organizers do not lose data. They're heavy and awkward but they aren't technology traps. :P

Note at 5:35PM: I am not a qualified member of the class because neither my Palm m100 nor my Palm m125 were bought new. Both were bought refurbished. So I don't get anything from this settlement. Well, at least I can have the satisfaction of destroying them. :P