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Thursday, June 16, 2005

OK, I've graduated LAVC. Now what?

I mean, I know what my next 2 years or so is going to be like, but as far as the time period between now and Comic-Con goes, it seems like it's going to be pretty slow.

This period coincides with the fallow period for my hubby's music teaching, so the entertainment budget, normally pretty small, is nonexistant.

Result? Non-stop ennui.

This Saturday, I'm going to go through another training with another literacy organization. At the very least it will be another opportunity to learn more about how people learn how to read, and since the tutoring goes on in workplaces, I might be able to network a little.

I already volunteer for two hours a week at Hazeltine Elementary School for Koreh LA. It's cool. I wish I was a different sex because I have one kid I work with who is a little boy and really needs a positive male role model in his life. I also visit when the school is having "Homework Club" and help with that.

I would like to be doing something that brings in some money, but the jobs are few and having a 2 year hole in your resume is not something that employers like to see. I also don't enjoy most of my work experiences. Aside from when I was at Onyx Networks, maintaining their web presence from my home office, most jobs I have had have sucked. Jim Morrison had it right: "Trade in your hours for a handful of dimes." I will never have the time back I put in at places like Fry's and Interviewing Service of America and Jack In The Box.

I suppose this is why I have been trying to reinvent myself, trying to find a calling so late in life. I want to do something that will be meaningful. It's like, when I told Prof. Allen about how I felt about working, she really tore into me. "That's what gives your life meaning!" "I'm sorry, but it never has been that way for me." "I feel sorry for you." Then again, Prof. Allen actually thought the Soviet Union was onto something, and considers the breakup of the Communist bloc a bad thing. So maybe she might have her own biases.

On the other hand, I don't think I would have enjoyed the life of a "lady of leisure" or of anyone who has gained by force, fraud or exploitation. I have a conscience. And I would think living a life of leisure would get boring as hell after a while. Not much different than how I feel right now. Bleah.