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Monday, June 27, 2005

Yeah, I know it's been a while. It's not because I am busy, rather, it's more like it's because I have been feeling very "blah" and unmotivated to do much more than veg these past few days. Many make a great deal about the "interactivity" of the Web. The thing is, however, it can be as passive and as numbing an experience as sitting around watching TV. It can be either one. Active and stimulating or passive and numbing. Sometimes even a bit of both.

With June coming to a close and July 13th fast approaching my thoughts are turning to San Diego and preparations for Comic-Con. I've covered it in my blog for the past two years:

However, this time, I'll be "blogging" my Comic-Con tales from the pages of ToonMag.Com. The Toon website was not set up with Mambo last time, so updating it for content had to wait until after the con. Mambo, along with lappies in the hands of both myself and Tom Reed, will allow us to put up content quickly and easily. We might even have a bit of video and/or audio up as well.

In the last post from 2004 I mentioned about how I'm of two minds about Comic-Con: half of me is looking forward to it, half of me is dreading it. I still feel the same way today looking to Comic-Con 2005. It's not like how I am feeling about the upcoming Anime Los Angeles this coming January, which is something I am looking forward to without qualifications or reservations. At least that is still a manageable, friendly size. Comic-Con is a monster. A hideous, multi-headed monster that sprawls all over one of the biggest Convention Center complexes in the United States of America. Whoo...

I need to figure out what I'm going to take with me and what I am going to just say "fuhgettaboutit" about. I need to only bring the bare minimum of stuff if possible: I don't want to be forced to wear clothes until they stink, of course, contrary to the stereotype about geeks. But I took too much stuff last time, and I had to drag two suitcases with me to get them to the hotel. I have a rolling duffel bag that at least would mean taking everything in one case, but it's big and klutzy. I might just have to bite the bullet and get a new suitcase. One of my rolling suitcases got destroyed last semester when I was using it as a book bag. Maybe now's the time to replace it.