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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Here I am in the Little Italy section of San Diego after a long day of fun on the first full day of San Diego Comic-Con. There is a FREE wireless hotspot here, and I am happily using the bandwidth.

San Diego Comic-Con is *insane*. That is the first and last thing you have to bear in mind when you go. Basically most conventions are dwarfed by the hulking mass that is the San Diego Convention Center. SDCC is so huge, so well-attended, that it feels as if you are shoehorned in. And it only gets more claustrophobic as the weekend approaches.

I have been carrying this laptop around like a papoose all day. I did this with the PowerBook last year and it was actually worse...this ThinkPad weighs half the amount the PB did. However, it is still a considerable weight.

I saw Fred aka Piro and Sarah from Megatokyo last night at Preview Night. Tomorrow's their panel and supposedly they will be in a bigger room than last year when they were literally besieged by Megatokyo otakus, packed standing-room-only in a little room. They remembered Tom Reed and me and were very friendly. I brought my Iron Cat edition of MT book 1 and my copy of MT book 2 and bought a Dark Horse copy of MT book 1 that they happily signed. They're good folks. I wish them the absolute best.

Today I saw a couple of cool panels: first with Stan Sakai, the creator of Usagi Yojimbo. It is amazing that his comic book has been going strong for 20 years now. The second one was for Comedy Central's new animated series "Drawn Together." It's Rough Draft's show...both their Glendale and Korean facilities were involved in the production, like what they did with "Futurama" and "The Maxx." It looks like a genuinely funny show...animation cliche characters like a Disney Princess, (they don't say she's a Disney Princess but it's clear where they got their inspiration from) a scatological Web Cartoon character, and a kawaii little Pikachu-alike character who is secretly scheming to take over the world all live under the same roof, "The Real World" style. It's coming in October and hopefully I'll be able to do a piece on it for Toon Magazine and have it available on the Toon Mag site by the time it airs.

Tomorrow will be extremely hectic. I can't promise a blog entry but I will try my level best. Gotta love this free bandwidth and this workhorse of a laptop. I am a happy geek tonight. I'm going to wind this up because this cafe I'm sitting at doesn't serve anything but coffee and dessert this time of the day. Ciao, bella...