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Friday, July 09, 2004

Damn...I had this whole big article ready to go and what happened was that I had a rare DSL outage. That was a few hours ago. Now I cannot reconstruct the thing. Oh well, the article that inspired it, about how Americans are no longer reading like they used to, is getting a lot of play several places. One good discussion of this is at Plastic.Com.

Another thing I did today was I sold my Wallstreet PowerBook. I didn't want to do it, but we're struggling and I'm going to need some cash in San Diego for Comic-Con. I'm not necessarily going to be going there for pleasure...I'm going to be going there as a representative of Toon Magazine. If all goes well this will bear some fruit in the future...when Toon was last a going concern I actually made some money from it. But right now it's not going to be making any money for me. Oh well.

Tomorrow, I am going to spend some time with one of my "math army" members. It's Karmia, who I met through Plastic.Com. She and I will be meeting at UCLA. Between her and my other allies, I should either finally grasp this math stuff or my head will explode. Hopefully the former rather than the latter will happen.