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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Hi all you happy people...

Yes, I am posting from behind the Orange Curtain. Anime Expo is
overwhelming as usual, with altogether too much to do in a day.
Production IG is going to do a panel discussion at 6pm tonight (it's
4:46 currently) and since I saw (and liked ) GITS2: Innocence, I am
looking forward to it.

Costumes, as usual, are spectacular. Weird...I didn't do much for
"costuming" but two people complimented me, for some reason. I'm just
wearing a black beret, a black t-shirt with "" on it, a pair of
black jeans, black sneakers and a blue camo (sky camo) Ranger vest. I
have a little Menchi plushy in one of the many pockets...ADV finally
got smart and put Menchi plushies out. They have two
roughly 8" long and one more closely approximating Menchi size. There
is also a slightly twisted "Menchi-skin" which is basically about the
size of the small one but not stuffed. It's perfect to adapt as Excel
Excel-style headgear.

The whole idea of putting on a Japanese carnival in the Marriott
parking lot was a good one, but in praxis it didn't entirely work. For
one thing, having a goldfish toss game at an anime convention is just
asking for mass goldfish carnage. I can't see those little critters
surviving one day in those little plastic bags with water in them.
It's different when you're close to home and you can get them safely
in a goldfish bowl.

One last observation before I put this down for a bit: a Christian
evangelical group is also meeting in the Anaheim Convention Center
today. One wonders what they make of us geeky types. I suspect they
were thinking either that we are ripe for conversion or that we are
irreparably lost. I was just thinking that they didn't seem to be
having a great deal of fun there. Oh well.

Signing off for now...