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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Remember this post? Well, the outcome I dreaded has come to pass. Financial Aid has revoked its approval of my program at Los Angeles Valley College, and unless I can change the Financial Aid Commitee's minds I will not have any more Financial Aid from LAVC.

There is a definite possibility that I could be on my way to Woodbury sooner than I expected. I would simply do all my math courses there instead of at LAVC, and I'd wash my hands of LAVC. I did one positive thing today: I directed a copy of my FAFSA at Woodbury.

Richie has assured me that I will be able to continue my education no matter what. Even if it means dealing with College expenses by further sacrifice on the home front. And I will continue to look for some part-time work. Even if it is extremely elusive.

I meet with my counselor at Valley next on July 7th.