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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

OK, I have a modest wish list up now at Amazon.Com. I only know the information on books for only one of the three classes I'm taking this time (it's actually four but one class is the lab for another) and that's what's on my list. Used is fine.

One of my books (for Math 113) I will either have to buy from LAVC or from the publisher...damn you Educo Publishing! Not only does your courseware suck ass, but you don't sell through Amazon! Their text and courseware for Math 112 was a major reason for why I had to take an incomplete on the course. Grrrrr....

And as far as the last of the three classes I'm taking goes, I do not know what the Prof is going to assign at this point. The only thing mentioned at the Los Angeles Valley College Bookstore Site is "Book TBA." Grrrr again...