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Sunday, June 27, 2004

OK, two things.

One, if you took the last post as anything other than absurdist satire (the links to Jonathan Swift's "Modest Proposal" should have been a dead giveaway to those with more than room-temperature IQ) then I really feel sorry for you. This message is here for the satire impaired.

Secondly, if you are looking at this site with IE on Windows, go IMMEDIATELY to and download Firefox 0.9. When you are finished, GET OFF OF IE and INSTALL FIREFOX IMMEDIATELY.

There is a Zero-day Exploit of an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer 'in the wild' as security folks call it.

I would then suggest using Firefox to download the full version of Mozilla 1.7. Firefox is from a different codebase and is a bit unstable at present. I noted a memory leak using FF0.9 on a Linux box of mine. Mozilla is from the older Gecko codebase and is far more stable.

(Note 7/1/2004: Both Firefox and Mozilla share the same Gecko codebase. However, I stand by my assessment that the Mozilla suite is more stable than Firefox.)

When you are finished with this, resume surfing happily. Until then, DEAL WITH THIS VULNERABILITY BECAUSE IT IS BAD NEWS.