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Thursday, July 01, 2004

(note: this was also posted to IMDB)

Fahrenheit 9/11: A love letter to America.

Firstly, to all the crapflooders from the "Free Republic" (major misnomer) who have been crapflooding this review database...bite me.

Second: this is a very important movie. I knew everything that was in the movie, there were no factual surprises, but what hit me the hardest was seeing the soldier writhing around on the ground with the very large wound in his leg. Realizing that what I was watching was real, not special effects or makeup or anything like that, hit me like a gut punch. Like the Bowie song goes, "It's No Game."

I will say this here and now: this should have been rated PG-13. The biggest obscenities of this movie have nothing to do with the MF word, and besides, by the time I was in 4th grade we talked dirtier than that anyway. No, the biggest obscenities are the actions of a small cabal of people who have hijacked the country I love.

The jerk with his movie "Michael Moore Hates America" is totally, completely wrong. Michael Moore LOVES America. And ultimately F 9/11 is his love letter to his country and mine. If you love your country, you will go see this movie with an open mind, without prejudice. And you will take your children too. By children I mean Middle School or High Schoolers, not Elementary School children. Elementary School-age kids are a bit too young for this. But the thing is that military recruiters are cruising Middle Schools in barrio and ghetto neighborhoods all over the US looking for children. You can "jine up" as early as Middle School's called "Delayed Recruitment." I have a neighbor whose daughter will be going into the Navy after she graduates High School. I wish I could take her to see this movie. But I suppose we should be glad that this movie IS being seen here in America now, considering the current chilly climate for individual rights and liberties.

Addendum for my blog: as a result of seeing this movie, I will no longer play First Person Shooter videogames. For most of the movie, whenever I saw battle footage, it didn't register how horrifying what I was actually seeing was. Then I saw the shot of the guy with the leg wound. Suddenly, the horror of what I was seeing actually registered. It was like my initial reaction to watching CNN during September 11th, 2001. I thought that maybe I was watching a Jerry Bruckheimer action movie or something. It took a little bit for the truth to actually register and the immensity of what I was seeing finally take hold. I think that games like Unreal Tournament, Quake and Doom have kind of desensitized me somewhat. No more of these games, no more of the insane video subsystem arms race either. No, I won't buy HalfLife II or Doom III. I don't think such games should be banned. But they are not for me anymore. It's like when Dom from Megatokyo.Com gave up on Hentai videogames for Lent. Only in my case, it's for good.

I leave you with a paraphrase of Lao-Tzu. "A shiny sword has its beauty, but understand that even the most beautiful sword is accursed." -- Dao Deh Jing, Chapter 31