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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

From the "bits and pieces" department:

James Doohan, better known to Star Trek: The Original Series fans as "Scotty," has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease at the age of 84. This is not the first health challenge for Doohan...he has battled Parkinson's Disease, Diabetes and Lung Fibrosis acquired from chemical exposure during World War II prior to this diagnosis. Doohan will be honored at the Hollywood Walk of Fame next month. This might be the last chance we get to say goodbye. [sigh]

In better news, I think that John Kerry made perhaps the best choice he could by bringing John Edwards on board as his Vice Presidential candidate. Edwards had some really good ideas he talked about during the Primary season, and he's also got a Southern accent, which matters to some swing states. True to form, the GOP already have the attack ads starting up, harping on Edwards' background as a trial lawyer and talking about his relative inexperience in government. Well, I have some very brilliant relatives who went to Law School. Most of them decided not to practice law...the one who did is unfortunately not among the living. (R.I.P. Uncle Richard) My mom dated a really nice guy who was a lawyer. And there's also my husband Richie's childhood friend Erica, who practices primarily public-interest law. Lawyers get a bad rap. I mean, lawyers are the scum of the earth to most...until you need one.

Anyway, I'm finally feeling like myself again after that all-nighter at AX. I will point you to some photos on my friend Don's website when they get online. Haven't heard from the Anime-LA folks yet, but hopefully I'll hear from them soon.

Oh yeah, tomorrow I meet with a counselor at LAVC about the financial aid mess. Fun. Not.