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Thursday, July 08, 2004

OK, update time again. Some stuff that was up in the air is looking a bit more settled now.

First and foremost: the financial aid situation. I finally met the lady who is the head of LAVC's Financial Aid Department, and she was very kind and very understanding. She said that the Financial Aid Committee did not take into consideration certain things they should have, and said that I had a fighting chance on second appeal.

Secondly, I got to talk to Frank Gonzales from Woodbury University this morning and we came to the conclusion that if I took care of my "critical thinking" course on top of the courses I am taking in Fall that I would in all probability be good to go for transfer to Woodbury in Spring 2005. So I have added Philosophy 6, "Logic In Practice," to my course load. That brings me all the way up to 13 units this Fall. It's another course with "Book TBA" fact, the teacher is To Be Arranged as well. Oh well, if I survived History 86 with Prof. Maddox, I can survive whatever teacher they throw at me. Frank also arranged a tutor for me for math...I touched bases with him this afternoon and tomorrow he'll call so we can make a schedule.

Thirdly, the plans for Comic-Con are coming together beautifully. We have the hotel, we have transpo plans (lots of use of the San Diego Trolley to get around) and we've made a few RSVPs to some people we'll be visiting there.

I'm feeling a bit better now. Whew.