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Friday, July 16, 2004

Holy moly, look at this brand new posting interface! Well, I guess you can't see it, but it's pretty amazing from my end. Very slick. Blogger rocks.

Anyway, it's time for another Geekback.

The reason I haven't blogged much recently is because I have been rather busy. I am getting ready for San Diego Comic-Con, which entails getting all my equipment and clothing together. It also entails sending emails out to people I hope to see there. The program for the panel discussions alone runs something like 68 pages. There are going to be panel discussions that Toon Magazine is going to want to cover that conflict with each other. This wouldn't be a problem if they were only 2-way conflicts. But when it's just going to be you and one other person actively covering events (Richie isn't a staff writer at this point) and there are three or four events going on at the same time, you are going to miss stuff.

I have also been busy with math work. I have been doing more intensive work on math now than I have ever done since childhood. I have four tutors now counting my husband Richie. One is Jimmy who was assigned to me by Woodbury University. One is Karmia, one of my net friends I met through Plastic.Com. And I was just informed by LAVC that I can have some one-on-one tutoring time through the learning center. Interesting...I was told there was nothing of the sort available during Summer session. OK, the more the merrier. I will take the Chapter 4 test on July 29th. Good luck to me...last time I took the test, I flunked miserably. Of course, there were extenuating circumstances (car trouble, taking the bus to the College, etc.) but I also got a bit too cocky and didn't spend enough time with the material.

In related matters, I will be meeting with some people about my Financial Aid situation on the 27th. Hopefully everything will be resolved by then. Good luck to me...^_^;;