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Monday, July 19, 2004

And now, the Ugly News.

Ugly incident 1: First the Dixie Chicks, then Whoopi, now Linda Ronstadt. Apparently Linda got sent packing by the Aladdin casino in Las Vegas after she had the audacity to suggest that people should see Fahrenheit 9/11. The reaction was brutal: booing, drinks launched at her, people running around the casino tearing down posters for the show. Ooh yeah, we're so glad we're living in the USA, man...

Ugly incident 2: Recall Ah-nold. Now. Please.
In a new low for the yearly California budget crisis, The Governator stooped to calling California legislators Girlie-men and advising California voters to "Terminate them" come November 2nd. (That's Regime Change Day in the US, folks, don't forget...) I wish the muscle bound schweinhundt was up for recall that day too, so we can be rid of him. He's done absolutely nothing to fix the systemic problems in California's government, the budget is still drowning in red ink, good friends of mine who are on MediCal (Medicaid) might be shoved off of it, and my college financial aid still hangs in the balance due to Ah-nold's harebrained schemes to balance the budget on the backs of the UC, CSU and Community College systems.

Ugly incident 3: George W. Bush and the "Anyone but the Saudis" blame game.
Now that the link between bad ole Saddam and 9/11 has been thoroughly discredited, the administration of Bush The Younger has started tapdancing to a new tune. What? We said Iraq? Oh, no, we actually meant Iran, isn't that right? Uh, where's that book with that neat little story about a goat?