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Friday, July 01, 2005

It's on.

Sandra Day O'Connor, in the second-most calculatedly evil move of her career, has tendered her resignation from the Supreme Court effective upon finding her replacement. (Her most evil move? Being the swing vote on Bush v. Gore, 2000.) It was another chilly blast from Red America, under the shadow of the Right-dominated Congress and the George W. Bush Administration in the White House.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, under a bright, warm sun, Anthony Villaraigosa was inaugurated as the first Latino mayor of Los Angeles since 1872. The only dark spot was loud boos when Mayor Villaraigosa (damn that feels good to type!) announced that Herr Gropenfuhrer was in the house along with former Veep Al Gore, former Governor and current Mayor of Oakland Jerry Brown, and all the other progressive to conservative politicos in the audience. Mayor Villaraigosa did the right thing and told off those who were jeering at the current Governor, then returned to his speech. His speech was optimistic, evoking the cherished memory of our late, sainted Mayor Tom Bradley, and set a progressive agenda for the next term.

Today shows the contrast between the two Americas: Blue America and Red America. Blue America brings people of good will together to solve problems; Red America divides and conquers. Blue America embraces diversity; Red America finds "tokens" with compatible ideologies to fill jobs so that they can point fingers and shout "RACISM!" when people see through appearances to the idealogue lurking within.

It's time to fight for Blue America. Starting with fighting whatever idealogue Bush nominates to fill O'Connor's seat. We can triumph. We *must* triumph.