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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Another post that is not for the kiddies...avert your eyes if you're under 18...

(Originally posted at Daily Kos, a site I might be bailing on soon. The reasons for my exodus will be made clear when you read this.)

Fatty fat fat fat!!!!

Well, my "friends" here on Daily Kos, you have shown yourself for who you are. You are bigots.

That's right. Bigots.

Bigotry against big folks is the last acceptable bigotry there is. It's not acceptable to be racist or sexist or heterosexist or classist (well, I guess that's still acceptable too) or anti-Semitic. Hell, it's not even acceptable anymore to be anti Born-Again Christian Nutjob because they'll pound you into the ground with their big black leather-bound Scofield King James Bible with extra Study Helps if you don't wish them "Merry Christmas" this time of the year!

However, it's just fine to talk about how "gross" the big person walking down the street is, and indulge in all matter of schadenfreude because THEY AREN'T YOU. It's just hunky-dory to say "Get off your ass, set down the remote, drop the Cheesy Poofs and go take a jog."

What if that person has Lupus and is taking Steroids to stave off their overactive immune system eating them alive, and they balloon up in weight because of it? What if that person has brain abnormalities? What if that person is on an anti-depressant or anti-psychotic which has as a side effect weight gain? What if they have a metabolism best suited to their starving ancestors running from the pogroms in Eastern Europe, not to this land of plenty?

My mother died of colon cancer 12 years ago almost to the day. She was a chubby teenager thanks to her slow Eastern European metabolism. To lose weight she adopted a number of unhealthy lifestyle changes. She took up smoking. She abused laxatives. She dieted like a fiend.

In fact, she spoke with a tone of great moral superiority at the fact she was eating the "diet plate" at the hospital after giving birth to me when the women around her were eating chocolate cake and Lobster Thermidor.

Every time my mother would look in the mirror, she'd not see what she really looked like. She was skinny as a freakin' model by the time I was teenage, and she would always give me shit about "letting myself go." She saw the overweight Enid she was in High School, not the glamourous but underweight Enid she was now. I saw the kind of shit she put herself through, and I made the decision to never, never, be like her.

OK, I'm above my ideal weight. Thankfully I have a husband who doesn't mind and is more interested in me as a human being than me as a clothing size. I'm fucking 42 years old. I'm over all that shit. If I don't live to 100, no big deal. I want to enjoy my life now and I don't care what the fuck any of y'all think of it.

Bulimia, Anorexia, Exercise addiction, abusing amphetamines, crank and cocaine, abusing laxatives, binging and purging, those are epidemic among our girls and young women. We are losing young women to this every day. It's bullshit. And don't tell me it's not a feminist issue, it's a health issue: the waif-like look is only appreciated in men by other men who have a thing for goth dudes. Men can be big and be sex symbols. But as far as women go: No Fat Chicks.

For those of you who have gotten past the size thing, this rant is not directed against you. But for what seems to me to be the vast majority of pie-fighting, fratboy attitude having Kossacks here on this thread: Kiss my big fat white ass. Fuck y'all. You are BIGOTS. Can you dig it?

PS: With regard to my comment that men can be big and be sex symbols: how many gay guys are looking for "Bear" men? Lots of 'em, more proportionately in gay circles than those who are "chubby chasers" in heterosexual circles. Male middle-age spread is laughed off, there is a flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream called "Chubby Hubby." Luther Vandross was a sex symbol, as was Barry White, and both were plus-size men.

But Goddess forbid a woman gain an ounce. Whenever a female celebrity has a baby, the big topic is "will she lose the baby fat?" Never mind there is an evolutionary reason for "baby fat"'s to allow for lactation without endangering the mother. No, she has to start working out with a trainer the day after she drops the kid, because nobody wants to end up like Kirstie Alley. Me, I shudder more at Kirstie Alley's willingness to be made a buffoon and her continued bondage to the Church of Scientology Death Cult than her weight. She didn't look half bad big.