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Friday, November 25, 2005

So much for "Buy Nothing Day..."

The malls were alive with the sound of shopaholics today as the annual consumer frenzy began.

In Orlando, Florida, home of 1/3 of The Cartoon Geeks, police were called to break up a fight in a Wal*Mart. They were fighting over $378 crappy HP Pavillion lappies. Heck, I'd take a refurbished Thinkpad over a brand new HP Pavillion. Arrests were made. Fights over XBox 360s and toys also happened in several places around the US. Fry's shoppers at their City Of Industry store got their cars towed when the Fry's lot got too packed and people started parking on surrounding streets.

Oh well, at least I spared myself grievous bodily injury today. Tomorrow is another day, of course.