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Sunday, November 13, 2005

LA Crimes: ditching Scheer, going the Faux News route...

It used to be that the Los Angeles Times was the paper of record in this town. No more. It seems like the Tribune Company has finally decided that the LA Times had better toe the company political line, and one way they did it was to get rid of Robert Scheer.

Scheer spoke, in a reasoned, eloquent way, for the Left, particularly during the Reagan Administration. He did not just blindly bash for bashing's sake. He gave fully reasoned and immaculately researched criticism of Nixon, Reagan, Bush the Elder, and Bush the Idiot Son.

Well, that's one less reason to try to make an end run around the super-soul-sucking registration requirements of the Times site. Michael Ramirez being cut as editorial cartoonist is another, even though, oddly enough, he was more Libertarian-center-right in his views. There will be no more staff editorial cartoonist in the Crimes anymore.

When Otis and Chandler ran the LA Times, it was a very, very conservative newspaper. It made the Daily News seem like the LA Weekly by comparison. The Times began drifting to the left-of-center in the '40s. The Times support of the Schwarzenegger propositions should have been a tip off...The Times is now your "Fair And Balanced" (tm) newspaper. Maybe it should merge with the Daily News, the Orange County Register and the San Diego Union Leader now.

At least we can get our dose of Scheer in The Huffington Post, and Scheer will have his own news site, up by the end of the month.