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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Lock the US system up, it's Certifiable.

1.) Toyota was considering opening another plant in Alabama. Instead, it opted to build the plant in Canada. Why? Health Insurance.

2.) The Delphi auto accessory company just went Tango Uniform. Thousands of people will be laid off. Why have they opted to shut down? Health Insurance costs.

3.) California has a perennial problem with Worker's Compensation. They have tried everything to prune this tangled mess. It's sapping the life out of businesses here. Why is this an issue? Health Insurance. Lots of people don't have it, and when they get injured, they sue.

4.) Personal Injury lawsuits continue to be epidemic. Why are most people sue-happy after an accident? Health Insurance.

5.) Why can't my 53 year old husband get hired at a living-wage job? Why is it that even minimum wage jobs are not willing to hire him, when they'll gladly hire a 65-year-old? Health Insurance. A 65-year-old has Medicare, for what that's worth. A 53-year-old will cost a bomb to insure. Worker's Comp costs for older workers are murderous. We are literally financially up a creek without a paddle because my husband's too young for Medicare and too old to get insured privately.


It's time for the US to join the civilized world and create a single-payer health care plan with one big risk pool that will cover the healthy and the sick. What the GOP is hiding and what the Dems need to hit them over the head with is that A NATIONAL HEALTH PLAN IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS. There are so many headaches surrounding health care that most companies simply won't deal with it. If they were freed up to concentrate on the business of business and not the monkey business of Big Insurance, Big Medical and Big Pharma, we'd have a better and stronger economy and less companies going belly-up.

The ultimate thing that chaps my hide right now is the idea that George W. Bush wants to make sure every man, woman and child in Iraq has universal health care. Think about that. Let that sink in. Health care for Iraq but not at home. Now think back to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Think back to how one of the reasons why help from the National Guard could not get through was because personnel and materiel were tied up half a world away in Iraq.

We. Are. So. Screwed. It's. Not. Funny.

Lock our current "rich get richly cared for, poor get nothing" system up in the nearest looney bin, because it's not only nuts, it's criminally insane.