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Monday, October 24, 2005

George W. Bush = Sick fuck.

That, in my still non-expert opinion, is the diagnosis for our Commander-In-Chief. The thing is, however, I'm not alone.

Capitol Hill Blue has been running with the "Bush is going insane" meme for years, and here's a link to a Guardian Unlimited story dating back to 2003 which has a Freudian analyzing the Bush Administration. However, the meme is now starting to worm its way into somewhat-mainstream media. It's still the New York Daily News, which is immediately suspect. But it's a start.

Waiting for Fitz to post the indictments is killing me. Too much suspense. I might be certifiable before this all is over. John Dean has even speculated that there will be no indictments. That would be bad and wrong and totally fscked, but it would not be surprising. Dubya seems to have at least 9 lives. And Karl Rove is not the only master manipulator in the West Wing.

I suppose that Mel Brooks' advice in "The Twelve Chairs" is probably safest of all: "Hope for the best, expect the worst."