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Saturday, October 15, 2005

A few quickies before I turn in: (yes, at a little after 8 on a Saturday night)

1.) Regardless of the fact I haven't posted here, I'm ok.
2.) The one Family Systems journal I have gotten back so far got an A.
3.) The technical aspects of the presentation hit a snag (Dell lappie with a busted headphone-out jack, I'm not surprised) but I was able to find the blasted remote for the CD player in the room so I was able to present my "Daria" vid clip. The scene from "Psycho Therapy" was extremely well received, as was the rest of the presentation. This was my one-and-only presentation for this class so I had to hit it out of the park. No matter how many times I pleaded for "constructive criticism" I got "dude, that was cool" from all my classmates. Was it "Daria?" Was it me? Or was it a hunger for a more human-centric type of psychology that's an endangered species thanks to HMOs? It might be all three.
4.) I pulled an all-nighter last night/morning. I think part of the reason I had a good energy level for this presentation was doing it "late, or early, whatever." I really am nocturnal by nature. Too bad that only works if you are independently wealthy. :P