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Sunday, October 02, 2005


This story has only appeared in one place, but if it's true, it's scary. Apparently someone might have brought a suicide bomb into Oklahoma University's stadium yesterday during the OU/Kansas State game. The bombing was reportedly a failure that only killed the bomber. However, it's enough to give you pause.

Need I remind you about a more lethal example of home-grown right-wing nut job terrorism that happened not very far from Norman, OK?

This is apparently an AP story but so far nobody but Sports Illustrated has picked it up. I'd like to see some corroboration but perhaps this is a story that got sat on.

Scary, man...

Update: 8:32pm PDT: Lots of corroboration now. Here's a story with some background on the bomber, OU Engineering student John Henry Hinrichs III. (soul-sucking registration unfortunately required.) The kid was only 21 and distraught. Most now conclude that the motive was probably suicide, not terrorism. Still scary, though.