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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A sickie at school, take 2...

Note that I mentioned on Saturday that I was feeling like crap. Now then. Try to learn completely new material in math class when you are feeling like crap. This is a picture of the futility I feel today. I have the pressure of an Abnormal Psych test coming up Thursday, falling behind on my homework in Math 149, and a paper coming up for Psychology of Aging on the 10th. Oh yeah: I have to read and journal my readings for Family Systems this Saturday. Last Saturday I had the luxury of sleeping in and being a shiftless lazy bum. Not this Saturday.

Oh, did I tell you I'm fsckn sick????

I sat down with the Woodbury University nurse today, and we figured that I'm either having an upper respiratory allergy attack because I ran out of generic Claritin, or I've got the cold that's been bouncing around the University. I'm not running a fever, and whatever crud I'm coughing up when I wake up is not colors that one needs to worry about with regard to a secondary bacterial infection. So I suppose I should thank Goddess for small mercies. I just feel muddle-headed and tired and a need to get into footie pajamas and have chicken soup and unsalted soda crackers. Not this time, Michelle.

Was taking 15 units a mistake?

This is something I might have to talk to my advisor about. :P