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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

OK Linux users...make sure you update your Firefox. Remote exploit out.

The way I do mine is dead easy: install Firefox into a directory on your /home/[userdir]. (Replace bracketed stuff with your username.) Not good for machines with multiple users, true, but fine for people like me who are the sole user of the system. I used a new dir called firefox107. It's almost as easy as a Mac OS X install. Getting rid of the old version was equally easy peasy... /rm -rf /home/userdir/firefox106 . You should make a directory inside firefox107 called firefox for installing the actual installation into. There will be a dir called firefox-installer made when you untar/gunzip the installer.

Since they are talking about the Firefox exploit as being possible under Unix, all you Mac OS X users should also update. Again, yank your Firefox out of the Apps folder and trash it (using your admin account, natch!) then download and install Firefox 1.0.7.

The Microsoft fanbois are talking about how "Firefox is unsafe and everyone should go back to Windows and IE." Bullshit. When a Firefox flaw is found, it gets fixed and gets fixed quick. When there's an IE flaw, Microsoft often takes their sweet time fixing it. I can think of several instances where there was a 'sploit in the wild and no patch or workaround from Microsoft. The Mozilla Foundation works super-quick compared to the lumbering juggernaut of Microsoft. It's a matter of personal pride for the F/OSS community that a Firefox flaw gets patched quick. Microsoft could care less. Unless it's a big corporation demanding the fix, in which case money does tend to talk, and loudly.